This Mother Put An Onion In Her Baby’s Bed: The Reason Why Will Totally Surprise You

Before we begin this article, we must tell you some things about onions. You have probably heard about all the amazing healing properties of onion. Namely, onions have healing powers that are widely used for quite some time now. Many people all around the world have benefit from these healing powers of this amazing vegetable. In addition we must tell you that onions are rich in sulfur, which makes them an ideal homeopathic treatment for various diseases. And here in this article we will present you a list of various diseases that can be treated with onions.

Sinus infection

For treating sinus infection all you need to do is crop an onion, put it in a pan. Then you need to put the pan over medium heat and put your head over the pan and breathe deeply. Soon you will be able to breathe normally.


Many individuals take cough syrup when they have a terrible cough. Instead, you can eat an onion. This will soothe your cough.


Take an onion, cut it in half. Now put a half an onion on each armpit. Keep them there until you feel a relief.

Ear infections

An ear infection can be pretty irritating and painful. Therefore in order to treat your ear infection all you have to do is take a piece of onion and put it in your ear. Then put on a cap and go to sleep. In the morning you will feel a relief.

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