Wondering what is the elixir of youth? Russian experts believe that they know the answer!

Specifically, they claim that for preparing this elixir all you need is little beetroot and quality vodka.

This Is An Ancient Russian Elixir Of Youth These Two Magical Ingredients Will Rejuvenate You From Inside And Outside! (RECIPE)


Take one glass bottle and fill it almost to the top with finely grated beetroot.

Pour the quality vodka over the beetroot and seal the bottle. Let stand like that in a warm place for about 12 days.During that time, you need to shake the bottle several times a day.

After 12 days, strain the liquid from the bottle and drink one small glass of this elixir every day before each meal.

Russian experts believe that this elixir keeps your health, fills the body with vitamins and energy, and if you drink it regularly, you will feel like you have wings!


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