Only a Cup of this Syrup a day Kills Cholesterol and Fats

Everyone that has problems with blood fat knows this is a serious issue. The solution may be this natural mixture that is really easy to prepare. A medicine that removes the unwanted fat from the blood and in the same time benefits the body in other ways consists of few ingredients. The base is the lemon and the parsley that are cooked from two to three hours. Nowadays, cholesterol i.e. blood fat, is a common health problem, mainly due to genetic predispositions, but also due to modern way of life full of unhealthy habits.

One should know that the normal level of cholesterol is between 4, 60 and 6, 20 mmol/L. This syrup has proven to be very successful in solving the blood fat related problems.


1kg of lemon

5-6 stalks of parsley

3 litres of water

1 bag of baking soda

The lemon is washed in cold water and then dipped in hot water in which sodium bicarbonate was previously added. The ingredients are left in the water for an hour. The parsley together with the stem is cut in tiny bits and then the same is done with the lemon (together with the rind).

Put the parsley and lemon in a dish and put three litres of water and cook in low temperature about two to three hours so that the ingredients are well cooked. After that, strain it, and put the remaining 1, 5 litres of syrup in a glass bottle. Drink one small glass every morning on an empty stomach for two weeks. The results will be surely noticed.

Source: Natural Health Care For You