For the treatment of atherosclerosis of the blood vessels of the brain you need to prepare three jars of this medicinal balm, which is prepared in the following way:

Balm For Better Cerebral Circulation It Curs The Blood Vessels, And You Can Use It As A Medication After A Stroke

In a 3 liters pot pour:half a liter of quality vodka,25 grams of cloves (spice), add half a kilogram of sugar and four small lemons,chopped in a blender along with their peel. Mix this ingredients well and split the mixture into three jars.

Now pour boiling water in every jar until your reach the top of the jar. Close the jars and leave them to stay in a dark place for two weeks.

After two weeks you need to strain the contents of these jars.

Drink 25 milliliters of this balm three times a day, 15 minutes before a meal. You need to consume this balm until you drink the entire amount.

However note that you need to take a one week break, after you have drank the balm from the first jar.

After a week you can start with the consummation of the second jar.

Then again after you finish the second jar you need to take a one week break, and then afterwards you can start drinking the balm from the third jar.

This folk remedy is truly amazing and extremely effective, because it affects the elimination of dizziness, contributes to the improvement of your vision and it can reduce the noise in your ears and it can also improve your brain function.

Finally we can conclude that this remedy is magnificent and you can use it to treat the blood vessels of your brain and you can also use it as a medication after a stroke.



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